SBC 4020 - Digital Compact Control
Single Board Computer 4020

The SBC 4020 expands the existing Single Board Computer family with a powerful digital based SBC. The good valued and compact control board is ideally suited for device- and machine controls as well as smaller automation projects. Powerful multitasking processor, in field programmable by integrated FLASH technology, highly stable runtime system and low power technology.

2 x RS-232
8 x digital I/Os
1:1 LCD interface for text displays (HD44780): 1 x 12 ... 4 x 20 chars text and 8 programmable graphic characters
Software controlled LCD lighting
Buffered realtime clock applicable
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Despite its small size, the SBC 4020 is a powerful computer suitable of carrying out even demanding applications. With 512 kByte to 2 MByte FLASH, there is enough space for thousands of program lines and also for storage of databases with characteristic curves, measured values, protocols ... etc. Data FLASH areas can be be randomly written, read and erased under program control - with a minimum of 100,000 erase cycles guaranteed.

Easiest programming in High Speed Process BASIC
Up to 32 BASIC tasks + 64 system tasks simultaneously
Hundreds of ready functions, device drivers and applications for recurring programming jobs
Excellent data and debug protection
In-field reprogrammable, auto-update feature
cost free technical support through email:
30 days money-back guarantee

Typical operational fields:

Building automation
Machine / device controls
Monitoring installations
Consumption data acquisition
8 x Power FET output 60V / 2A
8 x digital input 5 ... 24V
512 kByte / 2 MByte FLASH for program and data storage
Battery buffered SRAM 32, 128 or 512 kByte
Battery buffered realtime clock
PWM and sound output on power outputs
Power supply: 9 ... 24 VDC / 100 mA max
Temperature range: -20°C ... 80°C (w/o battery / accu)
Dimensions: 80 x 80 x 31 mm (90 x 80 x 31 mm with connectors)