For immediate release: March 1, 2004

New Ethernet Adapter & Web Adapter Modules Now Available from Kg Systems

East Hanover, NJ: Kg Systems today announced the availability of the EM01 Ethernet Adapter and EM02 Web Adapter modules, providing easy interfaces to Ethernet and Internet (via modem) for embedded computer modules and single board computers.

The EM01 Ethernet Adapter module provides an interface to 10Mb/sec Ethernet. The on-board RISC processor in these devices supports ARP, IP, TCP, DHCP, and DNS protocols while off-loading the communication protocol tasks from the control processor. The EM01 has a serial interface to the control processor, and connects to the Ethernet via RJ45 connector. It is fully compatible with today’s 10/100 Mbit/sec Ethernet networks.

EM02 Web Adapters connect microcontrollers, single-chip processors and single-board computers to the Internet via modem, including GPRS type modems. The on-board processor handles all necessary operations and considerably reduces the load on the control processor. The following protocols are supported: PPP, IP, TCP, DHCP, and DNS. The EM02 has a serial interface to the control processor.

Both of the modules are small (3.9 x 2.8 x 1.0 cm) and come in a 28-pin DIP style package. The modules connect to a 5V DC power source and the interfaces are compatible with 3V/5V signals.

Prices start at $32in single unit quantities for both of these modules.

About Kg Systems

Founded in 1991, Kg Systems is a US representative for Wilke Technology GmbH. Kg Systems sells and supports the complete line of Wilke embedded computing products, including Tiny-Tiger? computer modules, single board computers, data loggers, expansion modules and Tiger-BASIC software development kits. These products offer high reliability, ease of programming, low cost, and low power solutions for your embedded computing applications. Kg Systems has the hardware, software and system integration experience to help you successfully solve industrial control and data acquisition problems. For more information, visit Tiny-Tiger is a trademark of Wilke Technology, GmbH.

Contact Information:
John Emmitt, Director of Marketing
Kg Systems Inc.
East Hanover, NJ, USA