Kg Systems/Wipotec MFR Weigh Cells

Principle of operation
All Wipotec weigh cells are based on the electromagnetic force compensation principle, also called Magnetic Force Restoration/MFR. The compensation principle is superior to conventional systems due to its improved dynamic and static performance.

The schematic figure above shows the structure of the weigh cell. The applied load is compensated for by an electromagnetically produced counterforce. A precision position control keeps the system stable. The slightest movement is detected, initiates a feedback circuit to run current through a coil and causes the load to be returned to its original position. The current, which is proportional to the weight, is transmitted to an internal A/D converter then processed in the microprocessor. The weighing system can be optimized in the customer's environment by filter parameter and averaging configuration. This guarantees high precision with short measurement times.

Calibrated weight readings can be obtained by the user via serial interface. Software commands for the following functions are available: tare, calibration, stability tolerances, filter parameter, etc. A sturdy metal housing provides integrated overload protection.

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